In 2005, I met Barry along with his mother and sister. He was 15 years old and diagnosed with autism. The mother brought both Barry and his 16 year old sister to church one day during the summer when school was out.

One night the mother came to me and told me about Barry. She said all she wanted was to see her son play, at least once, with his friends or a game of basketball. This would make her happy. She also longed for him, at some point, to sit and talk with his father, for he never spoke to them. Barry’s condition was very hard on the family emotionally and it showed.

During a Thursday night Healing Service, Barry came forward and sat on a chair surrounded by the Healing Team and his mother. We explained to him what would be happening and that we believed God would heal him. With both hands laid on his head, encircling it, we prayed. We prayed that all spirits of heredity would leave; the spirit of autism and the deaf and dumb spirits would come out.

Then we prayed a very special prayer that we call the Crown of Thorns. We prayed for all his mental and physical functions to cooperate as we asked God to make new pathways in his brain and renew his thoughts in Christ.

    Barry’s healing was instant because his teacher’s reported a dramatic change in his school performance. His mother and family were blessed immensely because Barry began playing basketball and having fluent conversations with them.

   Remarkably, during another Thursday night service, Barry came into the service and made a flawless announcement. He requested that the car that was blocking the fire route (license plate number included) be removed and parked elsewhere.

Today, Barry is attending university. Praise the Lord!