As I was sitting in Sabbath service, I heard Apostle say that ‘the anointing always flows from the left hand and not from the right…’ I recognized that my right side was bigger than the other. I never had that problem before. It seemed as though my anointing was not flowing from my left…The enemy…I didn’t know what was going on…

As I was sitting there, the Holy Spirit just touched me and I began to cry and I know that when I cry like that, it’s the Holy Spirit.

Normally, when I stand, the right foot would be kind off and the left foot would be slightly longer and all my strength goes into that side of my body.

As I was standing there, I found I could stand normally again. I felt my hand tingling and I recognized the anointing flowing back into my left side.

I never told the Apostle about this problem before the service. Just being in the service…the healing anointing flowed and put my bones back into Divine Order. I could feel and hear the bones cracking and re-aligning. Amazing! Thank you Holy Spirit with much gratitude!