On Feb 24, 2016, I had an accident where I slipped and fell and hurt my right foot. At first, I thought I could just shake it off, so I shook my foot a bit, we call it ‘kicking out the fall’.

   At that point I was not encountering any pain. About three hours later as nighttime approached, the pain was indescribable. I could not walk or put any type of pressure on it. I have given birth to 5 children and this pain that I was experiencing was worse than labour pains!

After not being able to sleep or move, I began to cry living tears. I picked up the phone at minutes to midnight and called Dr. Stewart. I knew that the Creator would use her because He had done an instant healing for me as she prayed, over the phone before; back in the summer of 2012, from a spine injury that had me on my back for weeks.

I would not stop calling until I reached her, so I rang the phone off the hook until she answered. When she heard me she said, “Susan what’s wrong?” I said I hurt my foot. She instantly began to pray. I swear, within less than one 1 minute, all the pain left my foot after 4 hours of almost nonstop pain!

What a relief. Jehovah Rapha had healed me once again. She finished up praying and I went off to bed pain free. Well during the night, at times I woke up and heard cracking and felt shocks like electricity going through my foot. In the morning, I realized I could not walk. I struggled to get to the bathroom with no pain. I thought to myself, this is strange, no pain but I can’t walk. So, I went to pick up the phone to call Dr. Stewart to tell her what was happening.

As I looked on my phone to dial; there was Dr Stewart calling me. I answered. All she said to me was “I am calling to finish the second part of the Healing for your foot.” Well, within the next few minutes I was walking. I could put all the pressure I wanted on the foot. I am still in shock today. All I had for the next few days was some soreness, but no pain and I could walk!

All I have to say is Jehovah Rapha is amazing. I give thanks for Dr. Stewart who was just walking in her calling. May Jehovah continue to use you and Bless you richly Dr. Stewart, you are truly His servant.
Give Thanks Always: To God be the glory.