Ministries Provided at Bethany Covenant Alive Ministries

Below are one of the many ministries we offer at Bethany Covenant Alive Ministries. Feel free to JOIN one or more of the ministries and be a blessing to someone.

World Healing Day

Everyday everwhere people are being healed! Why not you? Come expecting your healing TODAY!!

Bible Study

Come and let the Word come alive in you…

Ministry of the Word

We believe that the Word of God must be declared by whatever means, so that the hearer of the Word might develop faith and DO the Will of God!

Senior Outreach

An outreach Ministry for Seniors providing friendship, fellowship and encouragement through home visits, community events, prayer, and personal assistance.

Bethesda Empowered to Heal

Teaching the Ministry of Healing. Healing for you, a loved one, a situation in your life…

Ministry of Prayer

Prayer from the Apostle to change your life…

Raising Jairus’ Daughter Ministry

Conceived and organized by a group of persons who have in common a desire to corporately and individually advocate for the needs of children and youth.

Ezekiel Prayer Watch

Established in 1996 has gone from strength to strength with the Divine Mandate to raise up intercessors and armour bearers who have been called to the Ministry of the Watchman.

Greater Dimension Healing Ministry

Healing is a matter of aligning and realigning with His Divine Will that flows through all creation, even our natural physical bodies.

Shepherd’s Retreat

The Shepherd’s Retreat is held once a year, in the summertime, at a Christian-based facility in Ontario.