Bethany Covenant Alive Ministries Ministry of the Word

We believe that the Word of God must be declared by whatever means, so that the hearer of the Word might develop faith and DO the Will of God!

The preached Word that goes out from this Ministry is revealed by the Holy Spirit and is consistent with written Scripture. The Word is preached with an anointing to do and accomplish all that is intended by the Will of God.

As Jesus proclaimed, ‘Man lives by Every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God’, including the Torah and the Gospel, which deals with two covenants.

The Scriptures are current and valid for all who consult them because every life and every circumstance ever encountered is revealed somewhere in the Scriptures.

Therefore, we know that this Word is true and infallible because it directly concerns your life! The wisdom of the Holy Spirit will lead you into new levels of discernment where you will come face to face with your own nature, your challenges and how you many overcome them.

Becoming involved with the Word of God has immeasurable benefits. At Bethany Covenant Alive Ministries, we make sure that the Word is applied to your life and your life circumstance.

The Word exposes you to the heart, will, mind and the purposes of God and then shapes your life according to that Divine Will.

Be encouraged, enlightened and blessed on this amazing journey of faith.

Amen. Shalom.