The LORD is my guiding light, my compass, my beacon on the hill, my eternal sustainer and my indispensable necessity.

HE leads me into a peaceful place of knowing that all power, all thoughts and all goodness comes from HIM; therefore, HE will never bring me into confusion nor separate me from HIM.

HE is the father of us all and I appreciate my family and love all that HE has made.

I am always welcome in my FATHER’s house where there is an abundance of whatever I need. I am free because I know that I am in HIM, HE is in me and we are one in HIM.

All things come of YOU O GOD; we are YOUR own given back to YOU. The more I love, give and serve; the more love I receive and GOD HIMSELF makes sure that my needs are all met.

Sometimes, those who are separated from GOD by their lack of knowledge become envious of me and dark wicked thoughts invade their minds and their spirits but the GOD I know, always causes me to triumph. In this triumphant state of overcoming evil, I shall live a long, fruitful and abundant life. Amen.

Dr. E. Stewart
Senior Apostle Bethany Covenant Alive Ministries